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tuesday 4 juni 2017 | The Twits | Written and illustrated by Just Ozinga

The Twits

We have spoken to the most nasty and stupid but good prankers in the world. how would you react if someone did a prank like this with you?
By Just Ozinga
This story is about Mr. Twit and Ms. Twit. their pranks are so funny to see it happen to another person. but it's not so funny when it happens to you!
These people exually don't like other people. In the beginning they didn't even want to tell us about their story.
they don't like kids, they probably don't even like eachother. that is also the reason they are ruining eachother's lifes.But let's just start with an example:
Ms. Twit thought it was funny to put worms in their dinner, spaghetti!
she called him to say dinner was ready.
he came, without any idear and ate worms. of course he wanted to pay her back. and he did.. with a very mean but so funny prank.
He acted like he didn't wanted to pay her back for what she did. But every night when everybody was asleep but him. he went down to a place where he had his tools and every day he cut a piece of Ms. Twit her walking stick and said that she had a disease that she shrinks every day until her head is in her body, and that at the and there will only be a pile of clothes. isn't that funny? and she ectually believed what he said.
these where the two best pranks of them. Mr. Twit also put a frog in Ms. Twit her bed. Mr. Twit has Always Known that she hates frogs. on the moment she saw the frog, she let the house move by her voice, she screamed so hard that her neighbours (who are ectually really scared of the Twits) came o their house to see if everything was ok.
and in return, Ms. Twit came up with the worms idear.
The Twits where not the only one pranking. read about this at the bottom of this page.

Mr. Twit

By Just Oiznga
this is a discription of how Mr. Twit was like;
He was a man always making pranks with a beard with pieces food from three years ago. it was a stupid tall man who didn't care about anyone but himselve. he's favorite food was bird pie. and has a dirty voice and never cleans himsleve.
The Twits themselves
no offense, but don't they look nasty and creepy to you?
just look at that beard.. Has he ever cleaned that before?

The Roly-Poly bird

By Just Ozinga
every wednesday the Twits ate bird pie. they catched their own birds by putting glue on the tree. every time a bird came to that tree to rest, the bird was stuck. but the roly - poly bird was smart. and told the other birds not to sit on that tree. and it worked. Mr. Twit couldn't catch them anymore. and the roly-poly bird payed him back by putting together with the other birds everything with glue upside down. the Twits thought they where upside down and went standing on their heads.

Ms. Twit

By Just Ozinga
This is a discription of how Ms. Twit was like:
Ms. Twit was a dumb small women with a very longue chin and a very longue nose. A nose for a witch. she was never happy. it was never good with her. the only times she smiled was after the reaction from her husband after she did another prank at him.